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Stronger With You Oud
Stronger With You Oud

    Stronger With You Oud

    the description

    Stronger with You Oud for men is a special edition of Stronger with You that features a greater focus on the Oud component. Oud is a precious woody ingredient known for its rich and distinctive scent.

    Stronger With You Oud for men

    Stronger with You Oud for men features a unique blend of oud, spices and other woody notes. It is beautifully balanced with a hint of amber and leather to add a touch of depth and luxury to the fragrance.

    The scent of "Stronger with You Oud" for men gives an impression of masculinity, strength and elegance. It is a great choice for special occasions or times when you want to look luxurious and attractive

    Note: All perfumes are installed by us to be identical to international brands, with excellent quality, stability and high concentration, as the images are shown for illustration only.

    Basic ingredients

    lavender extract



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